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Younes Baba-Ali
"Sound Neon," 2009

"Sound Neon" integrates the visitor into the artistic process. Baba-Ali fills the space of the installation entirely with sound, offering visitors a new sense of time and memory. In its use of neon, a material that is increasingly part of our daily life, the installation comments on artificiality and consumerism as well as our changing relationship to objects. "Sound Neon" is installed in a dark space in a guesthouse in the Medina of Marrakech and is activated by the presence of visitors.

A site specific project by Taverna Especial (Mark Aerial Waller & Giles Round), presented by Sketch (London) and AiM International Biennale, across two venues in London and Marrakech, presenting the work of Moroccan artist Younes Baba-Ali.

Established in the summer of 2003 Taverna Especial is both a kitchen and a salon for the reception and consideration of a singular art work. Co-founded by artists Giles Round & Mark Aerial Waller, Taverna Especial has a dynamic and mythic core created through a constantly evolving system of chance happenings. The original premises situated on an Estate parade off Hackney Road, London closed its doors in 2006 following the traumatic metamorphosis of the area by the set dressers of dystopic science fiction fable Children of Men. With no permanent location the now nomadic kitchen Taverna Especial continues to develop its ideological stance & adapts its structure to create situational shifts. Taverna Especial embraces contradiction. For this edition, Taverna Especial will be presented as two related, site specific installations at Ksour Agafay, Marrakech and Sketch, London. At once a participatory and ideological kitchen, restaurant and installation for the contemplation of a singular artwork, Taverna Especial will overlay and transform both spaces for the duration of the exhibitions to present a site specific soundscape by artist Younes Baba-Ali.

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