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NaoKo TakaHashi
"Oh Boy, Where are the Seven Colours? Part One: Entry," 2009

NaoKo TakaHashi creates site-sensitive work in Marrakech; part one of three is presented here as a sound installation. By looking into Gnawa music – the history, the musicians, the locations in which the music has developed and its place in society - her process-based work provokes questions about identity, ownership and globalization through social reflection. In "Entry," TakaHashi transforms the verbal documentation of narration into poetic and rhythmic language, which she deliberately does not translate into languages commonly spoken in Morocco in order to emphasize the notion of alienation. The piece finishes with music that was created by adding some elements onto a simple bass line of Gnawa music, taken (stolen, with permission) during her time in Marrakech.

Listen to "Oh Boy, Where are the Seven Colours? Part One: Entry" on R22 Art Radio
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