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Franck Bragigand
"Teach me how to talk, I teach you how to paint," 2009

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Franck Bragigand presents the results of socially-engaged workshops. Bragigand’s workshop at Dar Al-Tifl, an orphanage in Marrakech, is based on an exchange between the children and the artist. Since few year Dar Al-Tifl organizes several workshops, in collaboration with Janelly and Jean-René Fourtou Foundation, with artists and performers from Morocco and abroad. In this production broken pieces of pottery were recycled to include writings about how the children perceive the world. These writings, in many instances, relate to traumatisms witnessed in daily life or in the media, where one ceramic, for example, reads “Gaza” and another “No war”. The work is installed in two locations: Palais Bahia and Dar Al-Tifl.

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