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Seamus Farrell
"U.N. Circle Gwangju-Marrakech," 2008-2009
"EarTubes," 2009

[عربي] [English] [italiano]

"U.N. Circle Gwangju-Marrakech" is an elaboration on the work produced by Seamus Farrell for "Expedition 7 (Relative Homelands)," part of the 7th Gwangju Biennale in 2008. The work at AiM was produced in Fez in collaboration with young artists and workers. Car doors form an unclosed circle evoking the United Nations Security Council table, with engravings on each window in multiple languages and scripts about the political dimensions of water and other vital issues. Farrell’s work revolves around citations, including of sentences taken from the press, as on the car doors, and of architecture and mass-media. Installed at ESAV (a film school in Marrakech), "EarTubes" is the second work by Seamus Farrell in this exhibition. This sound installation using plastic and radio transistors was produced at L’appartement 22 as a response to the conflicting voices that emerged from political protests, heard both in the mass-media and at the doors of government halls and international summits about what has become of the world. Both works deal with the multipart expressions and physical tensions of the exhibition places.

Venues Credits
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