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"A Proposal For Articulating Works and Places"
A multistage exhibition project curated by Abdellah Karroum

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Marrakech 19 November 2009 - 20 January 2010


The exhibition project proposes to work on articulating Works and Places. The exhibition takes place at Palais Bahia and several venues: the Theatre Royal, the ESAV-Marrakech as well as in public and private spaces throughout the City of Marrakech.

This first part of the Exhibition proposes to transform the Exhibition places into a place of immediate memory, of that which happens elsewhere, of the place of the work. The narratives of the artistic projects is about connecting the production spaces of artworks to the exhibition space. The exhibition also proposes situations where the works share space with the museum’s collection, notably with archaeological and historical objects.

Artists will intervene in the sites and make works in the context of this place of conservation in order to render it a place for visual experimentation. The museum is also the place for an artwork’s formalization, its expression.

Other artists will intervene in the city of Marrakech in ways visible or invisible, notably along certain routes in the Medina (Old City). Located in a real context, the artworks act through their presence just as the noises of the city and its trades already do.

The articulation of the Visual Arts program is based on two ideas related to place and the artwork: the idea of belonging to a place and the concept of documenting the artwork in the context from which it emerges. It is a question of exhibiting the work and reconnecting it to the narrative of its production.

The artwork takes the form of a place; its origin is not necessarily connected to its physical appearance. This project proposes to show works and to interrogate the points of correspondence between the contexts from which artworks emerge and their references.

These ephemeral works, their tones and their images, are documented by and accessible on R22 Radio. The Radio Apartment 22 studio will be installed in Marrakesh for the beginning of the exhibition program.
That the exhibited works are recent or tied to a particular context makes it clearly a question of looking at the artists’ work and reflecting "On Articulating Works and Places."

A co-curated video program titled "Freedom?" extending the Exhibition is conceived by a college of international curators.
A half-day conference will be programmed during the opening days and will feature those artists and curators that contributed to the exhibition.

Free visits to students and scholar groups from Marrakech and other moroccan cities.

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Batoul S’Himi, "World’s Pressure" (Monde sous pression), 2009.

Abdellah Karroum (b.1970) works as an independent art researcher, publisher, and curator. He is the founder and artistic director of several art projects: L’appartement 22, an experimental space for encounters, exhibitions and artists’ residencies founded in 2002 in Rabat, Morocco; Le Bout Du Monde, art expeditions undertaken since 2000; éditions hors’champs, a publishing house for art publications that began in 1999; and R22 Art Radio, in operation since 2007. Karroum curated numerous exhibitions for capc Musée d’Art Contemporain de Bordeaux (”Pensées bleues” (1993); ”Jean-Paul Thibeau” (1995); ”Urgences” (1996)) and was one of the curators for the 2006 Dak’Art 7th Biennale of African Contemporary Art. His other recent curatorial work includes ”The World Around You” for the 1st Brussels Biennial (2008) in addition to the co-curated ”Position Papers” program in Art; the 7th Gwangju Biennale in 2008. Karroum is also a member of the Prince Pierre of Monaco Foundation’s Artistic Council for its International Prize of Contemporary Art.

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